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Cookie Policy

This is the cookie policy of the www.pianc.ru website. PIANC is a non-profit organisation, having its registered office at 1000 Brussels, Boulevard du Roi Albert II 20, 11th floor, box 3, and is enrolled with the register of legal entities under the number 0429.863.418 (“PIANC”).

You can find further information on the use of the personal data that PIANC collects (i.e. via cookies), in PIANC’s privacy policy.


PIANC’s website uses 'cookies'. Cookies are small text files that PIANC’s website sends to your browser. Your computer, tablet, smartphone or other hardware devices stores these text files. Cookies help PIANC keep track of information regarding your visit to PIANC’s website.


1.2.1 Duration

Cookies usually have an expiry date. For example, certain cookies are deleted when you close your browser (“session cookies”), while other cookies are saved on your computer, tablet, smartphone or other hardware device and are not automatically deleted when you quit your browser (“persistent cookie”).

1.2.2 Origin

Cookies can be first or third party cookies. First party cookies are cookies set by PIANC (or any of its processors) on its website. Third party cookies are cookies that are set on PIANC’s website by third parties.

1.2.3 Purpose

PIANC uses two kinds of cookies on its websites: cookies for functional purposes and cookies for analytical purposes. The goal of these two types of cookies is to ensure that your visit to PIANC’s website takes place as smoothly as possible, and to provide insight into the number of visitors to PIANC’s website.

Functional cookies are cookies that are necessary for the proper functioning of PIANC’s website. You cannot refuse this type of cookie, as their aim is to guarantee that your visit to PIANC’s website takes place as smoothly as possible. PIANC uses the following functional cookies:   


Expiry date


First or third party


Deleted after you quit your browser.

This cookie is used to maintain sessions across web requests via the PHP session cookie.

First party


Non-functional cookies are cookies that are not necessary for the proper functioning of PIANC’s website, such as analytical cookies. Analytical cookies collect information about the technical data of the exchange, or regarding the use of our website (pages visited, average duration of a visit, etc.), to improve its working. We use Google Analytics. Non-functional cookies will only be installed if you have consented to their installation.

Our website also contains social plugins for i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. If you want to use a social plugin (e.g. the Facebook share button) to share information on your social media, then the external party (e.g. Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn), will place cookies on your device.  

PIANC installs the following cookies for analytical purposes:

Name of cookie

Expiry date


First or third party cookie 


(Google Analytics)

Two years

Google Analytics gives PIANC a general picture of the number of visitors, page visits, sessions and impact campaigns. A randomly generated ID is used for this.


Click here to read Google’s privacy policy.

Third party


(Google Analytics)

24 hours

Keeping track of the number of page visits (via Google Analytics).


Click here to read Google’s privacy policy.

Third party


You cannot refuse the installation of functional cookies as these cookies guarantee the proper functioning of PIANC’s website.

PIANC can only install non-functional cookies if you have given your consent. You consent with the installation of non-functional cookies if you, when visiting PIANC website for the first time, click on “accept all cookies”.

You can manage your preferences by clicking on “SET PREFERENCE”. If you would like to update your preferences, and for instance revoke your consent for the installation of (specific) non-functional cookies, click here.  

You can also find information on the type of cookies that have been installed, and how you can delete them, via the support or help function of your browser:


If you have any question regarding PIANC’s cookie policy, then please contact us via Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript..